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What is libpcap?

"libpcap is a system-independent interface for user-level packet capture. libpcap provides a portable framework for low-level network monitoring. Applications include network statistics collection, security monitoring, network debugging, etc." -- from .

How to get a libpcap data file for DeanSys Pktgen?

May be the shortcut is to use libpcap tools to cerate libpacp data file.

  1.Start any libpcap related tool such as Ethereal, Sniffer and even those big guys as Smartbits or IXIA.

  2.Capture or create any data you want with the above tools.

  3.Save the data you have got with the function of 'Save as...' in the above tools. Make sure you select the libpcap format.

Then you got the right libpcap file.

If you know libpcap well, you can design a small C program to create any libpcap file.

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Updated : Mar.25,2007

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