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Welcome to DeanSys!

DeanSys is Dean's site to design different system solutions for different usages. It was launched from Oct.20,2006. We are trying to design, develop and release UNIX/Linux based Personal Desktop System.

In Feb,2008, the lastest version DeanSys Pktgen V0.0.8 is released. length bug. SNMP function is the new added part. It now support SNMP set/get function on SNMP V1 and V2. More SNMP/ICMP functions would be added in the future. Specially thank Thirumalesh Thirumala from for his great proposal for icmp echo function. And the Online manual is available. You can visite it at DeanSys Pktgen User Guide. Or download the PDF manual - DeanSys_Pktgen_UserGuide_V0.4.pdf.

In April,2007, DeanSys Pktgen V0.0.7 is released. User can set some byte to be increased with the step value. When the step value is less than zero, it means decreased.

In March,2007, we released the second shared version of DeanSys Pktgen V0.0.6. The new release begins to support mutli-stream simulation and loading streams from libpcap format data file. Then you are able to create and control many different streams or packets at the same time. Don't worry abou the data source: raw text file, libpcap file and packet bulder will make all of them much easier for u! :)

In October,2006, the first shared version of DeanSys Pktgen V0.0.4 was released. It is designed for Ethernet stream simulation and analysis. This suit is based on Linux PC and supports Ethernet L2/L3/L4 protocols simulation. It offers CLI(command line interface) to both of junior or senior users. L3 router daemon function is still under development right now and will be available in the furture.

We are looking for guys who are interested with development of kernel and desktop system. It is a free job to do the design online. What we can pay for you is just the joy!

Some of the source code can be found at our CVS Repository .

Any suggestion is welcome! Please send mail to

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